Week 24 – The End, The Beginning or What

I intended to summarise my experience but I cannot instead I write about my unique experiences and thoughts.

One thing for sure I think differently, broader and different my view of the world.

Looking back on the course, near to the end, one helpful question pop into my mind: What do I pretend not to know?

Now this is a very strong one indeed. I feel we have everything we need, everything has been kindly provided -a manual how to use our brain if you like- the big question remain not When will I begin? But Am I Using all of it for my advancement, improvement, empowerment? Not just when I feel I need it but continuously day in and day out since this is the way how our most wonderful gift is working indeed for us or against us.

So rather than thinking it as an end of something I’d like to think it is not even a new beginning but a continuation of the educing process, a development from within if you like.

I believe in the following quote what summarise everything for me:

“We are what we think about, all day long”

Our predominant mental attitude makes or brakes us.

Keep on keeping on.
All the best for all of you.


Week 23 (?) – Thank you

Thank you.

For showing me a way…
For your hard work to make this journey possible and available for me…
For all your thoughts you guys shared…
For being the search light today and leading me into the right direction, showing me the way…

I cannot thank you enough

Week 23 – Sharing my thoughts

Spending 24 hrs in Silence:

Needless to say it was an interesting experiment I am about to integrate into my life.

How needy I felt to communicate in the beginning of the experiment and keeping my pinky hole shut, just observing my thought process realising how little I had to say was a revelation in itself.

Finishing the experiment after just 1 day how different I felt when I spoke. That was a weird feeling indeed to speak again.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Other thing:

I always struggled to understand the Bible I just couldn’t comprehend any meaning out of it. I had several attempt but…

Suddenly I felt the urge to look for The Sermon on the mount just to read it and lucky enough I found Emmett Fox essay about it, explaining the meaning behind the text in his understanding what is in line with our study of the mind. I feel grateful to finally gain understanding.


Week 22 – Silence

Our assignment for the next 2 weeks to make arrangement to be in silence for at least 1-2 days.

First I thought it’s about being silent and not to talk. Apparently it is more than that. Cutting out all the everyday noise from your life . Practicing this assignment during this weekend lots of thought’s coming to me.

First I need to cut out the outside noise. No wonder monks’ seeking solitude just to help them with this first step to make the second possible.

Second I become aware of the inside noise and with time, attention/intention this noise’s getting less frequent and less loud and then…

I find …

To be continued…

Week 21 – Tools

Thinking about how can be Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Anger and Hurt Feelings can be used as tools to expand our so called comfort zone gave me some insight.

Fear is nothing else than False Emotion Appearing Real.

I was thinking and an experience came about when I dealt with fear:

I was in an Amusing Park and there was a so called Detonator (Free-fall machine). Obviously that was a save thing to try so the story goes…

When I first tried I was so scared to scream so much that I lost my voice during the couple of seconds journey. I never felt this kind of fear. It was just overwhelming. I said never again.

Of course next time tried again. During the upward journey I tried to convince myself this is safe there is nothing to fear from but when they let you go…

And suddenly like flipping a switch a thought came with reassuring feelings that this is indeed safe and there is nothing to fear from.

To conclude the story out emotional responses there mainly to save us to survive but when we experience something we never encountered before those responses can be out of place and even with familiar thing we could recall the wrong emotional response. How can we use them as a tool. In my humble opinion we need to recognize them as false responses and then teach our body’s response system the right response and there we are stretching our so called comfort zone.

Fear is one and still thinking about the rest.


Week20 –

As it happened I almost lost my scholarship and when it happened it downed on me how important this course for me.

Thinking about this I re-realized how important would be to teach this material in school and how big of a change it could make in the entire nation/generation who receive it and a further thought occurred to me. The least I can do is to teach it to my kids and that is what I am about to do.

Week 18 & 19 – Appology

I’d like to apologize not being in harmony in the last two week. I do know there is no excuse not doing what I should have done to be in harmony.

Instead of an excuse I’d like to offer an explanation:

My last two-three weeks was extremely busy since after months of unemployment I finally secured a job. With a new job came the re-juggling of our life/schedule…

I did feel from the first time this kind of J.O.B. is interfering with my life as with any ordinary job, still providing my family is rather important nowadays.

As I was able finally to reschedule my life and wanted to log in to register tonight’s webinar when I just realized my account being suspended.

I do hope I can rectify my wrong doing and stay on the path of this extraordinary self-discovery.


Week 17 Hero’s Journey – Our journey

Hi All,

This week is an interesting one. Sort of a look back. As instructed Monday was about week 9’s lesson and Tuesday’s about lesson 10. After reading them I decided – as the choice was given – to read from the very beginning -Foreword- one lesson at a time as a recap\reminder.

Interestingly what I’ve heard in webinars\webcasts and read about in books of self-development\awareness just happened for real to me. When you read a book of that kind, first and foremost the hand putting down the book won’t be the same that picked it up and last but not least if you re-read it in a couple of months\years time it seems someone’s rewrote the book.

I just read some lessons and gained a deeper understanding, some different insight and aha moments. What a wonderful experience even in a few weeks time, there is no words to describe my gratitude. These experiences\journey is truly life transforming.

I wish to you all from my heart to find your bliss and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.


Week 17 – Some thoughts about PMA and manifestation

For a while I am thinking about why I can almost immediately manifest negative things, see a clear mental image about them… but when I try to do it with positive things that is an uphill struggle.

I came to the conclusion to see the mental attitude thing as a Scale and not just an ordinary but an old fashion scale like in the hand of Justice.

scaleWith years of “wrong” thinking I have built up a big, heavy lump of weight on one side of the scale and when I add to it, it is almost instantaneously wants to be manifested. Meanwhile when I try with positive thing nothing happens.

In this analogy it is not surprising since the other side “nailed” into the ground it is not going to move even a bit.

So it is clear to me now what I need to do: First I need to counterbalance with positive to be able to manifest anything. This means to build up the right mental attitude through diligent “hard” mental work to tip the balance and then to manifest in the positive realm of reality be as instantaneously as the negative was.

Let’s dig in more and do the work necessary to make it work the way I will it to work.


Week 16 – Coincidence?

Reading about the Septimal law in the introduction of the Week 16 reading I found it really  interesting.

And here is why:

My son is going to turn 7 in next week but from about a month ago he keep saying he’ll do everything by himself when he turn to 7 years of age, meanwhile getting more and more independent.

I think it cannot be a coincident. So at 7 he will step into childhood -representing the beginning of individual responsibility- from infancy and he acting the part big time, I am sure he hasn’t read about it 😉

These little things are reassuring than the author is an authority in the subject matter.

Keep on keeping on